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Ernie Barnes

Ernie Barnes, born in 1938, was a professional football player and artist. He played lineman position for the New York Titans (c. 1961), the San Diego Chargers (1962), the Dever Broncos (1963-64), and in the Canadian Football League (c. 1965). His first exhibition of artwork was at New York City's Grand Central Art Galler (1966). Barnes has also exhibited paintings at the California Museum of Science and Industry and Heritage Gallery, Los Angeles (c. 1972). His art is known for his American Modernist style.

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Pool Hall
* NEW *
Gino, '#20' Cappelletti, Kicking Point After Babe Perelli, '#15' Holding  

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Pool Hall

Pool Hall
Oil on canvas
24" x 48"
Artist's signature

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Gino "No. 20" Cappelletti, Kicking Point After Babe Perelli #15 Holding

Gino "No. 20" Cappelletti, Kicking Point After Babe Perelli #15 Holding
Oil on canvas
36" x 24"
Artist's signature, lower right

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